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Добавлен: 2017-12-15
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Время: 02:48
Исполнитель: Jeff Beck
Название песни: Hi Ho Silver Lining

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Текст песни

Youre everywhere and no where, baby,
thats where youre at,
Going down a bumpy hillside,
In your hippy hat.
Flying out across the country
And getting fat (?!)
Saying everything is groovy
When your tyres are flat

And its hi - ho WOLVERHAMPTON !!!!
and away you go now kronie
I see your fish is shining
But I wont make a fuss
Though its obvious.

Flies are in your pea soup baby,
Theyre waving at me
Anything you want is yours now
Only nothing is for free.
Lies are gonna get you some day
Just wait and see.
So open up your beach umbrella
While you are watching TV

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